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Purpose Of Plastering In Gold Coast

Plastering is a method of covering rough and uneven surface of a wall in the process of constructing a house and others through a material called plaster. This is a mix of lime, cement concrete and sand along with the needed amount of water. Lime, Cement, Sand and Water are blended together in a proper ratio to create a smooth mixture and used in the constructions of buildings and other structures. This is the basic reason why we prefer wall plaster in Gold Coast.

Plaster is a cover to our walls but is it just that? Not quite. Plaster is more than just a cover on our walls. Plaster is about protection and decoration. You can go as creative as you want with your walls by plastering them. You can choose different designs on your wall as per your taste to plaster in Gold Coast.

There are few reasons to plaster your walls in Gold Coast:

Plaster tough protection to walls:

If you are wondering which one is harder then here are few facts to help you figure it out. If you put plaster and drywall face to face, there is actually no comparison between both that which one is tougher wall covering. Traditional lime plaster has been slowly changing itself back into limestone since the day it was formed. Old Plaster wall is about 7/8″ thick if you compare it to standard drywall which is 3/8″ Calcium Sulfate and a thin layer on both sides for total of 1/2”.

This means lime plaster is doubly stronger than drywall.

Plaster is better than Drywall:

Plasters are better insulators than drywalls. We just discussed about thickness and there is no detail too little when it comes to your property. It can sound unreal but plasters can heal themselves, yeah that’s true. It is just science; Lime goes through a process called carbonation in which it causes a continuous reaction between its particles and that can heal little cracks. It has been seen happening before so yeah it can heal small cracks here and there.

Plaster a better noise resistant:

Plaster is better noise resistant, no one likes a noisy place so plasters can be a big help in preventing that. You can plaster your walls and that will help you give a noise free environment.

Trust skilled and experienced workers to plaster your walls in gold coast.

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