4 Plastering Service Mistakes You Are Overlooking

You may have observed buildings with cracked and unsightly plaster fallout? Have you ever thought that why buildings, even the new ones, have such plastering issues? If you have not pondered yet, it’s time to think because you never know if your building is already having the same issues. Before looking for a plastering service in Gold Coast, you need to check a few things. Poor plastering can leave your home with several damages.

In this blog, we’re going to share 4 common plastering mistakes that most house-owners overlook during the time.

Poor preparation:

They say if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. And this can never be truer if you don’t prepare your wall before plastering. Make sure all the walls are thoroughly PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) coated, it’s a primer that seals and prepare the drywall to get plastered and then painted. It’s a latex-based product that seals the pores and acts as an adhesive that helps the plaster and paint to stick to the surface.

Low-quality tools:

OK, first things first. What happens when you wear a pair of worn off shoe for trekking? What happens when you’re using low-quality glue to fix a heavy glass breakage? Well, poor quality never lasts. The same thing applies to plaster service. If you want quality plastering finish, using quality plastering tools is the foremost criteria. You can’t expect to get a top-quality finish using a poorly curved trowel.

Rushing to complete the job           

At times, when you’re time restricted you want to finish a lot of tasks within the little time you have in your hands. Unlike other jobs, plastering service is way more difficult to do in a rush. You can never achieve a decent finish by rushing around. When it comes to plastering, give it a good time to properly skim, prep the walls and work on the surface and edges. You can get plastered walls and even tiling within 2 days, but you’ll always know that the result won’t be the best one. Rushing with things only increases the chance of more future expenses.

Using leftover old plastering:

If you feel that you can use months old plaster that you had used in the previous project, you’re wrong. Old plaster never works well. On the first or second coat of skimming it’ll start giving you signs. A lot of customers choose old plasters as it may save them money, but using the outdated plaster never gives a good finish. This is why you should always check the date before using it.

So now as you know the plastering mistakes that you may overlook during the process, you can now be conscious to get it done correctly. Plastering mistakes are common when untrained hands and unlicensed professionals handle the project. So, it’s not worth your investment- hire professional plastering service to avoid such mistakes.

Choosing the professional plasterer in Gold Coast

If you’re living in Gold Coast, you may not have to struggle a lot to find plasterer. But choosing the
quality plastering services in the Gold Coast can be challenging. When choosing the best plasterwork in Gold Coast, check the below points:

  • Experience
  • Genuine customer reviews
  • Range of services
  • License and insurance
  • Pricing

If you’re interested to look for a fresh plastering service in the Gold Coast, feel free to contact- 0408783072.

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