Plaster Work Gold Coast: 4 Benefits Of Acrylic Rendering On Exterior

Who doesn’t want to live in a charming house that sets onlookers in awe? It’s every homeowner’s dream. If you also dream something like that, now it’s easy to have just by rendering your exterior with acrylic. Acrylic rendering makes your exterior look beautiful and weather protective. So, if you’re planning to restore the charm of your building, you need to talk with the expert plasterers in Gold Coast.


What is Acrylic Rendering?

As the name goes, it’s a rendering process with acrylic. It’s a plastic type material and can be applied in many ways- by trowel, roll or by spray. Unlike traditional rendering mix, acrylic adds great strength to the cement, ensuring durability of the finish. Hence, acrylic render is a very popular choice for its long-lasting effect.

Take a look at the major benefits of acrylic rendering: 

  • Like it was said before, acrylic is a type of plastic so it gives impressive strength to the mix, making the exterior wall durable weather and almost crack-proof. You may have heard that construction materials, especially plaster materials tend to become fragile- either comes off or form cracks as it expands with frequently changed temperature. Acrylic rendering ensures that no cracks would be developed on the walls.
  • The benefit of acrylic rendering is not only limited to the durability that it adds. But when it comes to the aesthetic appeal, acrylic rendering can be applied in number of ways to create diverse finish using trowel, roll or spray. Concrete and silky are the two popular textures of acrylic rendering.
  • When you’re out of time and you have to get the exterior done within some days, acrylic rendering does it perfectly. Unlike other rendering coat, acrylic dries up very fast. The fast drying feature makes it a popular choice.
  • Even though it is plastic, acrylic surface is able to breathe, allowing moisture to pass easily. This means your home always remains fresh and there’s no chance of damp and formation of fungi underneath the surface.

So these are the basic advantages of rendering exterior with an acrylic coat. When you look for professional plaster work in Gold Coastyou must look for expert plasterers. They know how to transform the exterior and interior of your home with quality plastering and rendering service.

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