Must Have Plastering Tools Needed For High-Quality Plastering Service In Gold Coast

How many of us do really notice the plaster of our home unless it’s significantly damaged? Plaster is something which can be easily overlooked.  After some glorifying years of your sturdily built plaster, the old wall will slowly start showing the signs of gouges and cracks. If you want to renovate your interior plastering, residential plastering service in Gold Coast is what you need.

However, when it comes to flawlessly finished plastering work, it’s no secret that having the right equipment and tools are crucial. Right plastering tools not only save you time but also ensure the end result with that extra touch of perfection.

Let’s take a look at the must-have plastering tools that we can’t go out days without.

Finishing trowel:

Trowels can be of many shapes and sizes used for different plastering needs. Finishing trowel is an important plaster’s kit. With its flat and wide surface, it can effectively smooth out the plaster mixture.

Window trowel:

As the name suggests, this kind of trowel is used mostly around the windows in narrow areas where large and flat trowels don’t easily reach out. The trowels have smaller and narrow blade face that can easily blend and smooth plaster around windows.

Mortar stand:

This needs no explanation. Mortar sand is a plastering essential. It makes life little easier on the site. Our professional plasterers in Gold Coast never leave for a site without it. This portable table can be of many uses on the site. We use it to hold our plastering tools and grout. This gives us ease of working with many equipment and tools.

Bucket trowel:

Similar to mortar stand, bucket trowel can be used for multiple uses at the site. A decent size bucket as much as 10 litres is sufficient. Typically, used for scooping plaster out of the bucket, but we can also keep our tools in it when needed.

Mixing bucket:

It also needs no special explanation. Mixing bucket is where the real plastering recipe is made. We choose the size of bucket based on our plastering need.


A plastering hawk is an easy and portable tool which allows you to carry and apply plaster easily and quickly. There are wide ranges of hawks available in the market but we like to use the one with rounded edges and wide flat surface.

Plasters float:

It is used for that last wonder stroke on your wall and ceiling after we’ve finished your last coat. In most cases, once the final coal is done, we need to pass over another layer to add the final high quality finish with plasters float.

So these are our plastering staple that we can’t go without. As a reliable plastering service in Gold Coast, we aim at offering high quality plastering solution to commercial and residential areas using state-of-the-art techniques and tools.

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